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The Ruderman Family Foundation maintains offices in Boston and Israel. The Foundation is presided over by Jay Ruderman, the Foundation’s President. Shira Ruderman is the Executive Director. Sharon Shapiro, Jay’s sister, is a Trustee and Community Liaison. The Foundation has a Board of Trustees who meet quarterly to approve the Foundation’s partnerships and grants.

The Foundation’s staff includes

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Jay Ruderman

President and Trustee

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Sharon Shapiro

Community Liaison and Trustee

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Shira Ruderman

Executive Director

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Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim, PhD

Deputy Director (US)

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Galia Granot

Deputy Director (Israel)

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Liat Dolengiewicz

Programs and Media Officer, US-Israel Relations

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Yehuda Ozalvo

Project and Content Manager, US-Israel Relations

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Latoya Rowell

Executive Assistant

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Sivan Raz

Program Officer

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Peter Twichell

Program Officer - Mental Health

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Gal Amsalem

Office and Program Coordinator (Israel)

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Yochai Maital

Podcast Manager

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Lauren Pincus

Program Associate

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Nicole Chermak

Program Associate

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Karni Kagan

Office Manager - Israel

view Shachar Geva biography
Shachar Geva

Social Media and Creative Manager

view Itai Hacham biography
Itai Hacham

Programs and Media Officer, US-Israel Relations

view Carly Strohl biography
Carly Strohl

Graphic Design Intern

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