The Ruderman Foundation is working to promote strategic philanthropy in the US, Israel and around the world, and we are a professional entity, engaging in action in the field and leading strategic processes with far-reaching impact. We look to invest in enterprises that seek to achieve maximum social benefit, and have therefore adopted an innovative philanthropic approach. As an entrepreneur family we maximize our impact, develop new practices as well as innovative ideas.

We hold the belief that charitable funds have a significant role in leading complex and multi-systemic social processes. Therefore, we seek to promote multi-sector ventures, varied and different innovative practices and the advancement of professionalism and effective methods. One example – among others – for this strategy is the series of articles the Foundation has published on eJewish Philanthropy Magazine, in which philanthropists and grant makers shared their best practices and philanthropic activity.

To ensure effective philanthropic activity, in a global scope, the Foundation initiates extensive activities and collaborations with umbrella organizations such as JFN (Jewish Funders Network), AGM (Associated Grant Makers) and many others in the United States, and the EFC (European Foundations Center) in Europe and CommitedTo Give in Israel.

The Foundation is also working to widen the circle of philanthropists in general, focusing on the area of inclusion. We participate in forums, conferences and various networks, and focus our activity in this area to encourage the recruitment of new philanthropists. To this end, the Foundation was one of the founders of the ‘Committed to Give’ project, which works towards  expanding the numbers of private donors in Israel,  second generation, lay leaders, next-generation philanthropists, and more.

In the field of academia, the Foundation has fostered a deep relationship with Northeastern University to honor Morton E. Ruderman, a proud alumnus and a devoted supporter of its Jewish Studies Program. The Ruderman Family Foundation established the Ruderman Professorship, held by Professor Lori Lefkovitz since 2010, and added the Morton E. Ruderman Lecture and the Ruderman Scholarship for Jewish Studies students in 2011. The most recent Ruderman Lecture showcased Michael Pollan discussing What Can Psychedelics Teach Us About Spirituality? in September of 2019.

The family members hold several roles as trustees and professionals and they serve on many Boards.

For many years, the Foundation has been a member of JFN (Jewish Funders Network), and Shira Ruderman, the Director of the Ruderman Family Foundation, is a member of the JFN Board of Directors. Over the years, together with the JFN, the Foundation has promoted the establishment of a second generation of philanthropists, peer to peer groups, and also shared its professional best practices in philanthropy with other foundations.

The Foundation promotes a global approach and supports working methods, such as: learning from experience, sharing information from local and international sources, and developing best practices.

Philanthropic Practice

Over the years, we have developed the following unique assets that we bring to the table with our various partners.


The Foundation sees itself as a leader in the fields that it is interested in promoting and therefore strives to influence directly by developing and conducting innovative and effective internal programs. In cases where we recognize lack of leadership or places where there could be added value for our leadership and action, the Foundation will generate and initiate impactful solutions both in advocacy and in creating social enterprises and social interventions. Furthermore, the foundation proactively identifies needs, initiates and develops innovative solutions, and ensures their success through cooperation in expansion, implementation and sustainability.


The Foundation is a funding entity that chooses to invest in organizations that share our theory of change. Our grants vary according to social investment, magnitude, and type of partnership.


The Foundation is a professional entity, an expert in advocacy content, program management in the field and innovative best practices of philanthropy.

Intercultural Understanding

The Foundation is an international entity with offices in NY, Boston and Israel and therefore has a unique deep cultural understanding of both societies.

Networking and Collaborations

The foundation has extensive experience in creating professional partnerships and collaborations, developing and managing professional and grass roots networks, and fostering professional relationships in business, philanthropy, civil society, and the public sector.

Advocacy and Public Discourse

The foundation has chosen to act both as an independent entity and as a partner.  An important factor in the proactive leadership of the Foundation is expressed in our investment of resources in leading public discourse and raising awareness in our areas of focus.

Independent and Non-political

The Ruderman Family Foundation is a private, independent foundation that is neither connected nor committed to any political, business, or public entity. This independence enables the Foundation to be a convener of dialogue and action between sectors, and a cultural connector between people, organizations, and different agendas, bridging a variety of opinions and ideologies to promote a joint mission.

Stay Included

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