Itai Hacham

Itai Hacham joined the Foundation as a Programs and Media Officer for Israel-American Jewish relations, in the Israel office. Prior to joining the Foundation, Itai served as a Political Adviser to the CEO of the World Jewish Congress, and as an Adviser to the Chief Programs Officer, taking an active part in the global operations and diplomatic work of the organization. Following this, Itai served as Head of Operations and Policy and was a Co-Founder of the Center for Jewish Impact, an Israeli-based NGO, which serves as a focal point and center of excellence for innovative initiatives benefitting Israel and the diaspora Jewry. In this position, Itai was actively involved in establishing key international diplomatic initiatives and groundbreaking projects, including with some of Israel’s leading sports clubs and more. He was an Emissary of the Jewish Agency, spending a significant time in the US, mainly in the Midwest.

Itai holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an Executive Master’s degree in Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University.

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