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Israel-American Jewish Relations

Our Israel-American Jewish Relations Internal Programs

The Biennial Symposium for Professional Community in Israel

The Biennial Symposium for Professional Community in Israel is held every two years at the Peres Center for Peace Jaffa. The seminar convenes the professional community that operates around common issues relating to the mission of strengthening the relations between Israel and the American Jewish community. Hosted by the foundation, the seminar invites professionals from organizations working among senior leadership in Israel and serves as a unique opportunity to share knowledge and create cooperation between members of the community working towards this common goal.

The Knesset Caucus for US-Israel Relations

The Knesset Caucus for US-Israel Relations, established in 2013 and chaired by MK Nachman Shai (Zionist Union) and MK Avraham Neguise (Likkud), serves as a dynamic platform for open and candid conversations on relevant and controversial issues on the agenda of the relationship triangle between Israel, America, and the American-Jewish community. As a central address for all related issues in the Knesset, the caucus aims to elevate the concerns of American Jews within Israeli deliberations and aspirations. The caucus meets two or three times a year.

Leading Awareness

Leading Awareness is a program that works among diverse groups and audiences in Israeli society and the Israeli leadership. Its purpose is to expose these audiences to the American Jewish community, facilitating their encounter and acquaintance with American Jewish history, history, culture, community, education, law, security and more. The program consists of collaborations with various organizations through conferences, events, seminars, campaigns and content productions.

The Ruderman Conference for Israel-American Jewish Relations

The Ruderman Conference for Israel-American Jewish Relations assembles senior Israeli leadership from all realms of society: government agencies, security networks, academia, media, philanthropy, business, public organizations, and other partner foundations for collaborative discussions on the strategic relationship between Israel, America, and the American Jewish community. The conference convenes in Israel and features speakers of high political stature from Israel and America, leaders already invested in this issue and those from across professional disciplines, in order to expand and develop future public work in the area of Israel-American Jewish relations.

The Ruderman Journalist Mission

The Ruderman Journalist Mission leads a delegation of Israeli journalists who represent a variety of media outlets to New York for a week of educational tours about the history of the American Jewish community. The journalists learn about Jewish-American opinions on Israel – both past and present – by engaging in discussions with senior researchers, leading American philanthropists, activists, students, media professionals and thought leaders from Jewish organizations, heads of Jewish movements, Jewish community newspapers and major American news publications.

The Ruderman Knesset Mission

The Ruderman Knesset Mission is a flagship program designed to educate Israeli political leaders about the American Jewry and the strategic importance of the relationship, and cultivate a stronger dialog with the leadership of the community. During a weeklong tour through New York and Boston, MKs deepen their understanding through personal interactions with leaders, researchers and activists who represent a diversity of voices and opinions, as well as participating in conferences, tours and events. Upon their return, MKs join a network of former participants, receive updated and relevant information from the foundation, and are encouraged to continue to engage with the issue within and without the walls of the Knesset.

The Ruderman Press Network

The Ruderman Press Network serves as a platform for Israeli journalists and communications professionals, including alumni of journalist missions, to connect with their colleagues in the Jewish press in Israel and America. Members convene at events and seminars, and regularly receive content published by the foundation: books, studies and surveys, reports, data and other publications on the subject. The development of this network has sparked an increase in informed public conversation about Israel-American Jewish relations in Israel and the United States.

Our Israel-American Jewish Relations Partnerships and Programs

Haifa University

  • The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies at Haifa University is the first and only Master’s program of its kind in Israel. Outstanding students and future leaders in Israel embark on a one-year program, which includes a 10-day educational tour in the US, which surveys the history and present-day character of the American Jewish community. The program promotes ongoing academic research in Israel on the topics of Jewish-American life, American society and the long-lasting and vital bond between the Jews of America, the State of Israel, and Israeli society. Each year, the program translates a book about American-Jewish history to Hebrew and publishes it for an Israeli audience, holds an annual national symposium for researchers in the field, and launches innovative initiatives such as an exhibition celebrating 100 years of contribution of the American Jewish community to Israel.

Institution for National Security Studies

  • Research on the American Jewish Community and Israel’s National Security is conducted in partnership with the Institution for National Security Studies (INSS), Israel’s leading think tank. The goal of the research program is to increase awareness among Israeli security and foreign affairs policy-shapers regarding the American Jewish community’s contributions to Israel’s national security. INSSresearchers disseminate policy recommendations to decision makers through presentations to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, internal INSS security forums and memoranda, opinion-editorials, periodical articles, media coverage, workshops with alumni of Ruderman programs, and more.

Jewish Agency for Israel

  • 248 Community Action Network, a partnership program with the Jewish Agency for Israel, aims to develop a network of overseas Jewish and Israeli professionals, who will learn about each other’s realities, explore issues that Jewish and Israeli communities are wrestling with, and devise community based initiatives that will address some of these challenges. The program’s name reflects the 248 positive commandments in Judaism, and expresses the product of an influence that increases and multiplies.

Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

  • The partnership between the Ruderman Family Foundation and Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) produces programs that provide educational experiences and knowledge-tools for Israeli leaders and a critical mass of Israeli citizens to learn about the American Jewish Community. Two initiatives led by the partnership include an inaugural Diplomatic Correspondents Bureau mission to New York and Washington, D.C. and the publication of the first and only Directory of the Organized American Jewish Community in Hebrew.

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