We have partnered with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in their Academy Gold Internship Program by sending our intern Nicole Evans to participate. Nicole is a talented screenwriter & actress, who currently has a recurring role on the new Freeform TV series ‘Good Trouble’. She writes a weekly blog about her experience in the program, providing an inside look at the Academy while discussing how her disability has helped shape her career.

Check out her blog:

  1. Make ‘em laugh before you make ‘em cry

  2. “Wow! Someone who looks like me!” 

  3. Hollywood Isn’t Always Glamorous!

  4. Attitudes change when stories are told authentically


Kurt Yaeger’s Academy Gold Program Speech

On July 31, the Foundation presented a panel of visual effects professionals to the Academy Gold interns (you can read more about it in Nicole’s blog post #4 above). Actor and Foundation advisory board member Kurt Yaeger represented the Foundation at the event, and gave this impassioned speech about the importance of disability inclusion & authentic representation in entertainment. He called upon the young, aspiring entertainment professionals there that night to commit to embracing diversity in their careers.

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