“Wow! Someone who looks like me!” 

“Wow! Someone who looks like me!” 

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Great news! I’m a recurring guest star in season 2 of Good Trouble on Freeform! The first episode my character appeared in just aired in the episode titled, “Unfiltered”.

So excited to be a part of this incredible show!

My character, Gwen Tuckerman, is a smart, confident and busy paralegal who just so happens to also be a woman with a disability. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Gwen is seen zooming through the office in her wheelchair because she was busy and had a lot of work to do.

Even though that was such a simple moment, seeing that play out on the screen was a big deal for me personally. Growing up I never felt that I saw myself represented on the screen.

Now, with this great new show, as well as my role in the Academy Awards internship, I feel like I’m a part of the change during this beautiful movement for diversity, inclusion and authentic representation.

Working with the Ruderman Family Foundation, who take action to assure disability is part of the diversity in Hollywood, made me realize it is now more possible than ever before and we can all take part in creating a truly divers representation in entertainment.

My hope is that someone somewhere sees my character and says, “Wow! Someone who looks like me!”

That’s what true and authentic representation looks and feels like. People with disabilities have jobs, work in offices, have busy lives, and certainly always have a lot of work to do.

Please catch me in Good Trouble Tuesday nights at 8/7c on Freeform! I’ll be popping up through season 2!

Author: Nicole Evans


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