Hollywood Isn’t Always Glamorous!

Hollywood Isn’t Always Glamorous!

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The Academy has been documenting my journey through the Gold Program. I will be featured in their “Intern Spotlight” video, where I’ll talk about my career in the entertainment industry so far, how I came across this internship through the Ruderman Family Foundation and their work in disability inclusion in Hollywood, and what I hope to learn during my internship.

In addition to capturing my experience of going through the incredible Gold Program, we will be working together to create a “day in the life” segment to go into that video of what it’s like to be an actor in Hollywood.

Wow! My mind is swimming with hilarious, yet super real scenarios. It’s not always glamorous!

Do I show them when I force my husband (who is not an actor) to read lines with me a million times the night before an audition?

Should I show them my routine of changing outfits in my car in between auditions while trying not to sweat in the Los Angeles heat?

Should we count how many times a day I hurl my wheelchair in and out of my car on the way to a meeting, audition, internship day or to my survival job?

Is it acceptable to tell them where I go to cry if an audition didn’t go well? (joking… sorta).

Nicole Evans pictured from the chest up, wearing a bright pink shirt and a bright aqua cardigan, smiling with a surprised look, with a gray wall in the background.

All jokes aside, what I’m most excited about sharing is my experience of being an actor who also happens to have a disability.

I’m looking forward to sharing what types of roles I’m auditioning for and how that has evolved for me over time and during this incredible movement of inclusion, diversity and authentic representation in the entertainment industry.

Big love and thanks to The Academy Gold Program and to The Ruderman Family Foundation for documenting and supporting me on my journey!

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