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White Papers & Research

The Mental Health Effects of COVID-19- A Continuing Crisis, Especially for Emerging Adults ages 18-29

Although the pandemic continues in the present, in many ways life has now returned to normal in the United States. Colleges, universities, and occupational training programs are open again. The unemployment rate has receded to where it was before the pandemic began, including among emerging adults. The percentage of emerging adults who live with their parents has also declined to its pre-pandemic level. Yet, as this report will show, the mental health impact of the pandemic continues at a shockingly high level. All age groups are affected, but emerging adults have been and continue to be affected most of any age group. This report details the pervasive and enduring crisis of mental health distress caused by the pandemic, including why age 18 to 29 has proven to be the most vulnerable age group in American society.

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