LINK20 members are sharing their thoughts, challenges, and tips on the COVID-19 pandemic on our new blog. Check out our latest publications below. If you would like to contribute to the blog, we would love to hear from you! Please email for more details.



We are excited to launch our new E-Book, Finding the Silver Lining: A LINK20 Perspective for COVID-19. This book is a collection of all the articles written by LINK20 advocates in the past few months as a response to COVID-19. We hope you enjoy reading the articles.






  By Meenakshi Das   When I changed my major to Computer Science in 2015, never did I think I would...... Read More
By Kendra Gottsleben   In the past, I have often wondered if I would be able to successfully work at a...... Read More
By James Rath   My name is James Rath and I’ve been legally blind since birth. I’m a filmmaker and use...... Read More
By Rania Abi Rafeh   On a regular day, before the pandemic, walking the streets of NYC with my physical disability...... Read More
By Lizzie Gray 2019 and 2020 were shaping up to be wonderful years. I got my Associate’s Degree in Human Services...... Read More
By Sarah Horowitz   As a stereotypical over-functioner, I react to stress as a bulldozer reacts to a pile of rubble...... Read More
By Jonathan Bertrand   In the wake of COVID-19 we’ve come to realize that a new day in age is upon...... Read More
By Aaron Kaufman   The news is extremely depressing these days. 100,000 Americans have died as a result of COVID -19,...... Read More
By Sarah Kim   “It’d be easier to understand me if we do the interview over video chat due to my...... Read More
By Amani Carson   Recently LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence  Index found that over half the population would like to maintain the option...... Read More
By Lucy Meyer   My name is Lucy Meyer. I have cerebral palsy and graduated from high school last year. While...... Read More
By  Larissa Martin   By definition, luxury is a state of great comfort and extravagant living. During this pandemic, I have...... Read More
By Jenny Sichel   Every night for the past two months, I have left my bedroom window open, because every morning...... Read More
By Katherine Magnoli   For as long as I can remember, I have identified with the movie the Wizard of Oz....... Read More
By Marisa Parker   For me, finding the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult. I find that the...... Read More
By Russell Lehmann   Due to COVID-19, our world has been turned upside down. Restaurants once full of lively conversation now...... Read More
By Kendra Muller Taylor   There has been much talk in higher education about the “unprecedented” and “uncertain” nature of our...... Read More
By Selma Sulejman   As I sit down and begin to compose this short piece, I realize how difficult it has...... Read More

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