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“Our New Normal”

“Our New Normal”

By Selma Sulejman


As I sit down and begin to compose this short piece, I realize how difficult it has become to formulate and thereby understand what the phrase “Our New Normal” means for so many people around the globe. This pandemic has impacted various facets of life, and how we navigate on a daily basis. What did society deem normal before Covid19?

One can only imply that the greater population did not have to take significant precautions before going out for a simple walk, picking up groceries at the market, maintaining specific amount of distance while trying to complete essential tasks, catching a train to work that will demonstrate indifferences, grabbing a flight to see a loved one who may be ill and not knowing if the aviation service has been disrupted, and pondering about how rent, as well as tuition deadlines, will be met.

Now, this leaves you thinking, are these the only substantial factors that presented a sense of normalcy prior to this universal outbreak? Absolutely not. There are countless elements that must be counted for such as how we went about obtaining a general doctor visit, being able to retain necessary medical supply without any financial and or systematic hardship, and moreover this vital asset of employment that allows us to live healthy as well as equitable lives.

Fast forward to the current crises we are all experiencing on an individualistic but yet unified manner, do we have the capability to identify what the mere meaning and or feeling of normal is at this given time? From my personal point of view, I can only attest that attending virtual activities, watching Netflix and or Disney plus with the nephew, reading both for pleasure-academia, spending a long time with the family, and praying-hoping for a positive shift in the days to come is what my new normal looks like right now.

“Our New Normal” has demonstrated hurt, loss, uncertainties, strength, humanity-kindness, adaptation, challenges, and this influence of will-power to move ahead with so many unknown contributing variables that will surely shape our social and economic interactions in the near future. Additionally, both educators and parents have illustrated leadership as well as support in the home-schooling process that a vast number of students had to embark on given such a short amount of time to adjust to.

On the same token, there are not enough words to express the gratitude towards all of the doctors, nurses, and every other healthcare worker that is out on the front-lines putting their best foot forward. As this pandemic seems to be diverging in ranging paths that being geographically and medically, we have to understand where we stand with “Our New Normal”. Whether that means working from home, preparing social engagements through a virtual platform, cooking up a storm with your kids, cleaning, teaming up with like-minded people and developing assistive gear that is in high demand, and most importantly showing love-respect for one another.

Emotions are diverse with so much occurring, so everyone is entitled to cry, vent, laugh, practice mindfulness, exercise, and other reflective methods that they may find helpful. Sending everyone hugs, positivity, hope, and love.

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