Dori Hutchinson

Director of Services, Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University


Dr. Dori Hutchinson has worked at Boston University for 36 years and is currently the Director of Services at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, an Associate Professor at Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Services, the faculty advisor for BU’s ACTIVE MINDS group and a Faculty in Residence in a first year dorm, living with 600 first years’ students.

Over the last 2 decades, Dr. Hutchinson has worked to develop innovative college mental health services that support the success of students who live with mental health conditions. Her programs and services help students cope with wellness strategies, build skills that promote resiliency and help students thrive, and support student led initiatives in Peer academic coaching for students with mental health conditions and suicide prevention. In addition, Dr. Hutchinson works closely with faculty and staff to enhance their knowledge and strategies in supporting students with empathy and responding to students in distress. She is a firm believer that everyone on campus has a responsibility and a role to play in creating campus cultures to support student mental health.

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