Mental Helath Partnerships

Mental Helath Partnerships

Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project

The Ruderman Family Foundation has a longstanding partnership with CJP, towards the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project (RSIP). This initiative has inspired synagogues and prayer communities to create spaces and experiences that are more inclusive of people of all abilities.

Currently, 54 institutions, representing all denominations, are actively involved in RSIP. As RSIP partners, they have access to a variety of resources, including local and national experts who provide guidance and consultations, opportunities for congregational communities to teach, network, and share best practices, and inclusion support for those with mental health challenges.

Through its transformational work around inclusion, RSIP continues to address divisions in society, uniting our community and rabbis and synagogues of all denominations around shared values in Jewish life. RSIP events are the one place where rabbis from ultra-orthodox yeshivas and synagogues sit in a room with rabbinical colleagues of all genders and denominations to study and tackle the issues of inclusion in our Jewish community.


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