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Link 20 Network

Link20 is a leadership network for young disability advocates. Its goal is to develop a young cross-disability movement through strengthening leadership and raising awareness. Link20 increases the presence, social capital, and leadership of young-adults with disabilities. Our members work on raising awareness and shattering stereotypes about people with disabilities. The network began in Israel and this past year expanded to Boston, New York, and Washington DC. Link20’s aim is to foster and promote leadership of people with disabilities through a major awareness campaign.


Link20 meeting in Washington, DC to discuss the major awareness campaign on June 28, 2017

On June 21, 2017, we have successfully held the first annual leadership event of Link20 Network in Israel, with a significant number of 400 participants – young-adults with multiple disabilities aside others with no disabilities – from all over the country. They are all social activists for equal opportunities and full participation in Israeli society, as part of the social rights discourse.

The key note speaker of the event was Academy winner actress, Marlee Matlin, who is a great self-advocator and an inspiring role model. In her moving speech Marlee empowered the participants and showed them a living example of the ability to fulfill all dreams.

Through the entire event we all felt the winds of change. A change that will be achieved by these young-adults. It was indeed a significant event that gave us all faith, hope and good energies to move forward and continue to illuminate the world!

event of Link20 Network in Israel

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