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White Papers & Research

The Jewish Vote 2020: More Empowered Than Powerful

“The Jewish Vote 2020: More Empowered Than Powerful,” authored by the Ruderman Family Foundation and Prof. Gil Troy, a distinguished scholar in North American History at McGill University and an award-winning American presidential historian. It highlights a wide array of notable data points from public opinion surveys conducted in recent years


The paper is divided into three parts.

  • Part I looks at Jewish voting and giving patterns, summarizing how Jews punch far above their weight politically thanks to older, wealthier, educated voters in relevant regions.
  • Part II explores the history of Jewish liberalism in America and suggests that while voting Democratic is often considered as central to the American Jewish inheritance as immigration, it evolved more gradually in three stages.
  • Part III examines the ugly anti-Semitism that coursed through the 2016 campaign; the ongoing debate about President Barack Obama’s and President Donald Trump’s policies toward America, the Jews, and Israel; and some of the top items on the agenda as the 2020 campaign comes to a close.


Published on August 24th, 2020

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