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White Papers & Research

The Organizations Report: Mapping the challenges of American and Diaspora Jewry and of the connection with Israel

The Organizations Report was initiated by the Ruderman Family Foundation and written together with Reut Group, as part of the activities of the Foundation to strengthen relations between Israel and American Jewry. The report is based on a large virtual gathering held last year focusing on the challenges and opportunities of American and Diaspora Jewry and the connection with Israel, which was attended by over a hundred leaders and key activists from organizations in Israel, the US, and other countries engaged in strengthening the relationship between world Jewry and Israel. The main ideas that emerged from the insights and recommendations of conference participants, focusing on the Israeli arena and decision makers in Israel, as the State of the Jewish people served as the basis and the content of this report. Furthermore, the document contains references based on a review of the literature and media, to validate and enrich the ideas raised.

The document was written with the view that the State of Israel plays a key role, as the state of the Jewish people, and that it must act strategically to position and strengthen the relationship with Diaspora Jewry in all relevant areas. The dynamics created with the establishment of the State have changed in the last 75 years, after the State of Israel became strong and prosperous. The relationship between the State and independent, dispersed communities that function without central coordination is a significant challenge that must be given serious thought. In light of the challenges and opportunities that exist today, both regionally and at the international level, this issue must be examined in depth, and recommendations and solutions must be provided to ensure a secure and prosperous future for the Jewish people.

The purpose of this document, in addition to the presentation of the data, conclusions, and recommendations, is to serve the professional field in Israel and the decision makers involved in strengthening relations between Israel and Jews in the US and the Diaspora. The unequivocal recommendations that appear in this document are likely to serve as practical tools of great importance for change and deployment of an Israeli policy that regards Diaspora Jews as an indispensable strategic asset for the national security of Israel. We hope that the readers of this document will find interest and value in its content.

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