Disability Inclusion in Movies and Television: Market Research, 2019 
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Disability Inclusion in Movies and Television: Market Research, 2019

This research reveals that about half of US households support accurate portrayals of disabled characters and would sign up for a content distributor committed to disabled actors. Their spending power is estimated at $10.4 billion per month for US households.

Diversity is a Key Characteristic of TV Show and Movies. Diversity ranks 4th overall out of 12 TV and movie characteristics and is among the top 5 most-important characteristics across a wide spectrum of viewers. That diversity includes “persons with disabilities” in the definition is strong evidence that TV and film viewers support programming and films that feature disabled characters and their stories.

Respondents Desire More Representation of Disabilities on Screen. Respondents feel that people with disabilities are under-represented in TV and Movies.

Accurate Portrayals of Disabled Characters Are Key According to Respondents. Half of respondents indicate they are more likely to watch a TV show that features a disabled actor cast as a character with that same disability, versus a show where a non-disabled actor is cast in that same role.

Content Distributors Stand to Benefit By Committing to Disabled Actors and Characters. Half of viewers are more likely to sign up for content distributors committed to more accurate portrayals of characters with disabilities. Likewise, current subscribers indicate both satisfaction and loyalty would increase.

Viewers Committed to More Disability Representation in TV and Movies Have High Spending Power. Those most open to more and more accurate portrayals of persons with disabilities spend more on TV and movie entertainment than average. They also constitute a strong base of potential spending.





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  • Debra Fisher says:

    Thanks for this very important paper! One of the students our organization has supported us Aaron Philip, the first black, trans, immigrant model who has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair to get around to be SIGNED BY THE ELITE MODELING AGENCY! Aaron has been a beacon of light, directing other major media people to take a second and third look at changing this exclusion up! You might want to reach out to Aaron thru ELITE or twitter as she wants to bring attention to this disparity. Thanks!
    Debra Fisher
    This Ability Not Disability. org

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