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How to Find the Silver Lining During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 24, 2020

By Marisa Parker


For me, finding the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult. I find that the constant flow of coronavirus news on social media platforms is the primary reason why finding the silver lining in the coronavirus crisis is difficult for me.

Posting to social media platforms and monitoring social media sites on a regular basis is a necessary part of my job. I find myself constantly checking social media sources for updates on the pandemic. Sometimes I feel that I am unable to find the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic due to the frequency of social media posts surrounding the coronavirus that are posted online and the fact the pandemic will not be ending anytime soon. In order to decrease the amount of time I spend on social media; I have set limits for myself on checking social media sources after work hours.

How can someone go about finding the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic? Here are some tips that helped me find the silver lining during these times. There are multiple ways in which people can decrease their time spent using screens and social media platforms while remaining positive during the coronavirus pandemic. Chatting with friends on Zoom or FaceTime can be a positive tool to remain connected with the outside world while engaging in the practice of social distancing. I find that staying off of social media platforms after work hours reduces anxiety as well. Engaging in meaningful and fulfilling activities outside of work, such as going for walks outside, reading books, and listening to podcasts that you enjoy also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. These activities can improve a person’s outlook on life and the current global situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

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