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Transcript of podcast trailer for “All About Change”

[solemn music begins]

Nicole Hockley: He just kind of nodded at me and said, ‘Last day of school, Mommy.” And then he got on the bus. And that was the last time I ever saw him.

Kevin Love: I always had a place to escape, or a place to go hide, or a place to try and compartmentalize, but this was something that was unraveling in front of 23,000 people.

Maria Garcia: My father was a long distance truck driver, and another truck that was carrying a windmill blade crashed into him. We had just started a sort of this new phase of our relationship. We hadn’t figured it all out, but we were making steps.

Dr. Vladyslava Kachkovska: I have never been so scared before. But you know, that very moment, you’re absolutely abstracted from yourself. You stop being a woman, a physician, you become a robot. Main goal? To save your child.

Niambe McIntosh: The front desk told us that we couldn’t visit him, he’s a ward of the state, he’s not authorized to have visitation, you need to call the jail.

[music fades; upbeat music begins]

Jay Ruderman: Hi. I’m Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, with some exciting news to share. For the past 20 years, I’ve been dedicating my life to activism, to the neverending and often unappreciated work of creating meaningful change in the world. For the past 4 years, I, along with many good people at the Ruderman Family Foundation, have been producing the “All Inclusive” podcast as a platform to showcase the important work of others in all aspects of social justice and activism. What started as a podcast about disability and inclusion has evolved over the years, so we decided to rebrand our show by giving it a new name, a new look, and more importantly, a more accurate and correct mission. So from now, we’ll be known as “All About Change,” a podcast showcasing individuals who leverage the hardships that have been thrown at them to better other people’s lives. A show about activism, courage, and change.

Niambe McIntosh: That was the moment that I knew my life was forever changed. That I had a different purpose.

Dara Horn: What I’ve found is I’ve now become this sort of receptacle for all of this pain that I really didn’t know about.

Nicole Hockley: We envision a future where no child has to experience the devastation of a school shooting.

Jay Ruderman: For a dose of hope and inspiration, make sure to subscribe to our feed and check in regularly. As always, we’ll have a new episode up every other week. Check out our new website: allaboutchangepodcast.com. Please help us spread the word, inspire change, and get off to a great start.

Kevin Love: Hey, it could be you, could be a family member, could be your kid, brother, sister, whatever it may be, somebody very likely is going to go through a very, very tough time within their life, and you’re gonna be better equipped if you’re educated on this stuff and continue to pay it forward.

[music fades]

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