Call for Submission of Concept Papers

The Ruderman Family Foundation’s Exploration into a New Field


This process is meant exclusively for the submission of concept papers.
Requests for grants and meetings will not be accepted.

The Ruderman Family Foundation has dedicated the past two decades to enhancing awareness of, and providing programming and services in, the field of disability inclusion. We have made a concerted effort to advocate for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities across all sectors of society, and have experienced great success in the areas of: building capacity; changing public discourse; enhancing available services and advocating for policy changes; developing a social movement and a leadership network of activists; expanding the circle of donors focused on inclusion; and promoting an holistic approach. We are proud that this philanthropic goal has been achieved.

The Foundation has now decided to expand our knowledge of current needs by providing an open submission process of concept papers in order to learn more about innovative programming and best practices being used across any and all social fields. This effort is designed to capture a wide range of new information about issues and in arenas across society. To that end, we encourage and are open to submissions from all sectors and thought leaders offering a wide range of ideas and initiatives.

Context and Rationale

The purpose of this process is for us to be inspired by new ideas, unconventional thinking and inventions, and different directions offered by organizations and individuals. The outreach for concept papers is the first step in our new exploration and planning process. Our Foundation would like to engage with each of you – organizations and individuals – to be made aware of your current needs and exciting ideas for new possibilities in the field. We seek to be educated by those most involved in this community on what society needs most.

Please note that the Foundation will only respond to those submissions selected to continue to the next stage. The Foundation is not committed to accepting any or all concept papers. We will decide, at our sole discretion, on our new philanthropic focus area of activity, in accordance with a variety of considerations and goals that have been set in advance, and with the broader mission statement and normative basis that guides our work.
Please note that concept papers focusing on disability inclusion and mental health will not be accepted.

The deadline for submitting concept papers is Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

The concept paper form may also be filled out in PDF format, and then reuploaded to the website in PDF format only.

To download the submission form, please click on the following link.

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    For technical questions, please email:
    Inquiries regarding content of submission or fields of activity will not be answered.

      Background Information

      The Concept

      Indicate the proposed new area of activity: welfare, health, academia and research, environment, education, culture, science, technology, religion, etc.

      Please phrase your concept paper according to the specific structured rubrics below. Within each rubric, we suggest several guiding questions that can help focus your concept paper. You are not required to answer all the questions. Please note that each answer is limited to a maximum number of words.