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DR. Robin Gearing

Robin E. Gearing

Professor of Social Work at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work


Dr. Robin E. Gearing is a Professor of Social Work and the Director of the Center for Mental Health Research and Innovation in Treatment Engagement and Service (MH-RITES). Dr. Gearing’s research focuses on improving the mental health outcomes of adolescents and young adults with serious mental illnesses and their families. His research is driven by an interest in informing and improving engagement to empirically-supported psychosocial and medication treatment and developing evidence-based interventions. This interest is the result of more than 25 years of clinical work with youth, resulting in firsthand professional knowledge of the needs and gaps in the field. As a researcher, his areas of expertise are schizophrenia spectrum disorders, depressive disorders, and suicide intervention. Dr. Gearing’s work focuses on engagement with mental health services, including culturally informed adaptations of empirically-supported interventions. His research collaborations nationally and internationally concentrate on innovative strategies for treatment engagement, addressing mental health stigma, and facilitating service utilization. Specifically, Dr. Gearing has conducted a series of national and international studies examining the multidimensional components of treatment engagement, including the barriers, promoters, and temporal patterns of adherence, resulting in the development of culturally informed treatment adherence strategies and interventions. His research continues to focus on developing and testing interventions, improving treatment engagement, service access, and utilization for underserved populations.

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