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Our Roots

Tuesday January 14th, 2014
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Our Roots

Our Roots

Tuesday January 14th, 2014 / 0 Comments 0 Comments

JayRudermanBy:  Jay Ruderman

Our Foundation is pleased to debut its new logo today.

To our grantees and partners, the Ruderman Family Foundation strives to provide strength, roots, and vital resources for inclusion. In our new logo, the Foundation stands as the trunk of a tree, supporting the growth of connections and understanding among individuals, organizations and communities — the leaves — into a nuanced, thriving whole. Look closely and you’ll see that the tree trunk is also a helping hand; we are an active partner in this work.  Please note that our tree rises from the word “Family,” the source of the Ruderman Family Foundation’s own resilience.


Two things stand out to me as I look at the tree:
1) A person who plants a tree may not be around to eat the fruit it bears but he plants it for future generations. Our goal is to provide the roots and base for inclusion and thereby create and help grow a fair and flourishing Jewish community. Our Foundation serves as the strong base helping to convene many groups from different walks of life to come together as one.

2)  “You are not required to finish the job but you are not free to sit idly by” (Chapter of the Fathers 2, 16).
From the outset, our Foundation has taken an active role in supporting, partnering and advocating for full inclusion. We firmly believe that our collective voice can affect change for future generations. Although we hope to see change take place very soon, we are aware that the road is long. But this challenge is not one we shy away from- we believe that the issues of fairness and social justice are the base and the roots of how we have survived and thrived.

A strong community is made up of everyone. A healthy community needs a strong base. A flourishing community needs roots to allow it to grow and thrive.

This is why we have chosen a tree- a strong and steady base that will bear fruit in the future.

Jay Ruderman is President of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Continue the inclusion conversation with Jay on Twitter.


Jay Ruderman is the President of the Ruderman Family Foundation.

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