Jewish-American Youth tell Israel: “We are All Brothers”

Jewish-American Youth tell Israel: “We are All Brothers”

October 22, 2018 / 0 Comments 0 Comments

The Ruderman Family Foundation launched a campaign to strengthen relations between Israel and American Jewry.

The Ruderman Family Foundation is committed to bridging the gap between Israelis and the American Jewish community. At a time of tension between Israel and US Jewry, we present the future of the American Jewish community, as they turn to the people in Israel and remind them of the strong bond we all share.
In the video, the children address the people in Israel, and sharing their stories: “American Jews have always used their influence in order to support Israel,” they claim and add: “American Jews have donated hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel”, “American Jews fight for Israel against the BDS in schools and colleges” and, “Thanks to American Jews, who lobbied and pushed Congress, Israel received its f35 fighter Jets which will keep Israel’s air force safe.”
The children continue and say “The most important thing we give you, are the thousands of American Jews who volunteer for the IDF”.
The video concludes with a strong message to both Israel and American Jewry. Even children understand that a relationship has two sides. It’s time we work together for a solid and united Jewish future.

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