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Molly Silver

Molly  Silver is the Mental Health Program Officer for the Ruderman Family Foundation. Molly is working to sustain and enhance RFF’s portfolio on mental health partnerships, grantees and advocacy initiatives.

She has spent the past five years as Manager of the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project. Under Ms. Silver’s strategic direction, the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project RSIP has grown from three synagogues in the Greater Boston area to 54 synagogues spanning all denominations of Judaism.

As the program manager for RSIP, Molly worked hard to make sure our Boston-area synagogues were inclusive for people of all abilities and worked tirelessly to help bring the issue of mental health to the forefront of synagogue life in Boston. Through her deep, meaningful relationships with clergy and staff in numerous synagogues in the Boston area, she helped to remove the stigma around the issue of mental health in their Jewish communities. In the past year, Molly has worked to help 41 synagogues start mental health initiatives or further their work in this area.
Molly has created numerous, high-profile events, webinars and trainings on the topic of mental health as well as the development of a website that has become the central location for synagogue inclusion resources.
Prior to her tenure at CJP, Ms. Silver was manager of Special Projects for the New England Region of the New Israel Fund. Molly has completed a B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.A. from Brandeis University.

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